Character traits of Greek people

By virtue of its unbroken, ancient culture, the Greek character is ancient and complex. But it also has some very simple and unique and definitive characteristics.

Greece’s Top-10 Destinations For Summer Holidays

Greece is the 7th most-visited country in the world. Here are the top 10 destinations for visitors to Greece, as well as how many tourists visit yearly

Greece’s Blue Flag Beaches

Wherever you are in the world, you may have gone swimming at a beach over which a beautiful flag presided

Philoxenia- “Friend of the Stranger”

Greek Hospitality is Hard-Wired Into the Culture. It is a well-known fact that Greece is one of most hospitable places you’ll ever visit.

Greek Seas

Here’s question for you: which country has the longer coastline- India, or Greece?

The Uniqueness and Benefits of the Mediterranean Climate

Did you know that there are only five places in the world where you can find a Mediterranean climate, and that the land area of those places, added together, equal only about 2% of the globe’s land mass?

Grecomap’s Treasures Blog

Greetings from sunny Greece. This is the first post of Grecomap’s Treasures blog. Our goal is to entertain, inform, and generally help your prospective Greek vacation become a memory-making event

Introduction to Greek Mythology

The Greek mythological tradition, compared with other mythologies around the globe, is stunning in its complexity and in its inventiveness in explaining natural phenomena