In our example, we will use the Web Hotelier, which is the official booking engine of the most hotels in Greece.

The Greek hoteliers always try to offer their best rates and additional benefits on their official websites, so they can have an advantage in comparison with all the other booking websites. As proof of this, you can find the best price guarantee on most hotels’ websites for the bookings, made directly through their websites.

If you add to the hotel’s best official rate the discount offered by Grecomap, you will get, in most cases, the best available rate for your stay.

To benefit the most, when you book your stay in Greece, use these three simple tips:

1. Book your room directly on the hotel’s official website

When you book a room directly on the hotel's official website, in addition to the best room rates, you can also get additional benefits:

  • Discounts of up to 30-40%, with hotel’s special offers
  • Hotel’s loyalty program benefits
  • Complimentary services, such as transfers from the airport, spa treatments, room upgrades, etc.
  • Flexible booking options (payment, change, or cancellation)
  • Direct communication with the hotel, which may be useful in various circumstances.

Example of the hotel’s official booking website:

2. Register in the Hotel Loyalty Program to receive additional discounts of 5-15% 

This registration is very simple, free and without any obligations. Immediately after registration, you will receive 5-15% discount on your first hotel booking. If you like your stay and become a repeat customer, this discount may increase even more on your following bookings.

Example of a registration form in hotel’s loyalty program:

3. Use the Grecomap website to get an exclusive extra discount of 5%

In most of the hotels featured on Grecomap, you will find an exclusive extra discount message, emphasized with red color. All you need to do to get this discount is to click on the “Book now” button, which will send you to the hotel’s official booking website. The extra discount will be automatically applied to all official room rates and offers.

Example of a hotel with an extra discount, featured on Grecomap: