Alpha Estate is located in Amyndeon, North West Greece, in the heart of the Amyndeon appellation and in a significant geo-morphological site. With beautiful views over the Petron and Vegoritida lakes it lies between the picturesque Nimfeon village, the beautiful ski center of Pisoderi (Vigla) and the ski resort of Ag. Athanasios (Voras - Kaimaktsalan). The altitude, exceeding 600 meters, its immediate proximity to the lakes, the moderate yearlong north west winds, low precipitations, the alluvium, sandy, low fertility soils, combined with a scientifically designed single block vineyard are the components to a unique terroir in which we achieve expression in the production of complex, unique and multidimensional wines.

Alpha Estate is the brainchild of two visionaries, the 2nd generation Vinegrower Makis Mavridis and the Bordeaux trained Winemaker Angelos Iatridis. Their aim is to promote contemporary Greek vinegrowing and winemaking to the world.

The company was founded in 1997. The vineyard installation was maliciously studied and designed and started in 1994, while in 2005 the first part of the infrastructure was completed. Since then both the viticulture and winery infrastructure, together with the necessary specialized personnel are on constant development, following international updates.


The sustainable management of the single block privately owned, single block vineyard with high standards from its installation for the production of High Quality wines, in the modern and functional winery, located in the heart of the property.

These elements meet all necessary conditions in preserving the high-quality potential with ultimate goal the recognition of Alpha Estate labels in the international wine community and the simultaneous international promotion of the contemporary Greek wine production.

No compromise in respect to the application of our cognitive achievements, know-how, experience, and our ecological consciousness.

The Vineyard

The creation of a privately owned, 180ha vineyard, exemplar in terms of design, installation and management consisted a large and innovative investment. Priority for the ALPHA ESTATE team is the daily application of innovative techniques and practices that are shaped and formed by the developments in the international wine industry. Human participation in this process reflects the identity and consequently the particularity of the final result, Alpha Estate wines.

The selection and investment in this specific location was made on the basis of long-term observations, research and studies in vinifications exclusively related to the evaluation of the viticulture potential of the sub locations within the appellation.

Soils ideal for quality viticulture. Poor, sandy, sandy-clay, relatively neutral, with excellent drainage offer conditions for the production of wines with "serious" and complex aroma, excellent finesse, rich structure and body with excellent balance, supported by excellent acidity, elements necessary in wines with long ageing potential.

Climatic conditions reinforce to the maximum the quality characteristics of our wines. Cold winter with lots of rain and snowfall provides the vineyards with the climatic data necessary to cope with the relatively dry and arid summer. The plateau (580-710 meters altitude) defined by the three mountains (Voras, Vitsi, Vermio) and the two lakes (Petron and Agios Panteleimon) on either side of the estate, consists regulatory factors of the required climatic balance, creating a unique ecosystem with excellent adaptation to new climatic data. Necessary diurnal and nocturnal temperature fluctuations during the summer season and northwest winds of varying intensity ensure the health and longevity of the vineyard.

The winery

Alpha Estate winery is located in the heart of the privately owned vineyard. This, in combination with the integrated vineyard management and vinification by implementing innovative operations and cutting edge infrastructure, reflects and highlights the high quality organoleptic characteristics of our produced wines. Even the materials used for the construction of the winery, reflects the winemaker’s philosophy, are completely natural and inert so as to ensure a completely natural atmosphere inside the winery, supporting protectively into the grape and wine quality.

The operation of the winery aims at absolute respect for the ecosystem, the viticulturist and the wine lover.

The Philosophy

In this particularly demanding soil – climatic environment human factor plays an important regulatory role in shaping and highlighting the dynamics of the vineyard ecosystem. The active reorganization of the vineyard by establishing a single block vineyard right next to the winery absolutely ensures the minimization of any stress during harvest. The design and implementation of low input procedures in vinification and ageing, at ideal conditions, based on the latest international standards and respect for hygiene conditions in all production and ageing areas aims into the absolute protection and exposure of the uniqueness of our wines.

The team effort for so many months in the vineyard and then in the winery, is both as capable and necessary condition to leading to the coveted result, a wine deserving of the Alpha Estate signature.

Main feature of our work is the “soul’’ of the people that participate daily in this dream.

2nd Km Amyndeon - St. Panteleimon, Amyntaio 532 00

+30 23860 20-111