You are invited to enjoy traditional Greek tastes in Kriopigi, Halkidiki, at a small paved square, in a restored mansion of stone and wood.

The excellent quality of the materials used, with the local meat of Zagoritis farm,

the originality of tastes, the high level of service as well as our love for the art of cooking are the reasons justifying the awards and the excellent reviews both from abroad and Greece at “Anthoulas Restaurant”.

Taste our specialties, goat from Kassandria on the grill, chicken filled with sour cream cheese and pomegranate, pork with plums and dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves) made by Anthoula and select from a wide variety of wines from our rich and organized wine cellar.

Please enjoy the unique Greek tastes in Anthoula’s Square for one more summer.

Криопиги, Халкидики

+30 694 247-85-17