365 days a year, 9am until sunset 


Take a walk on the wild side!

This awe-inspiring ZOO in Spata, hosting among others, one of the largest bird collections in the world, will leave your children wide-eyed with amazement.

Near Athens International Airport and just 25 minutes away from the city centre, this 20ha wild kingdom wonder is teeming with over 2000 animals from 290 species, such as all the big cats, giraffes, elephants, wolves and bears, penguins, chimps and monkeys, reptiles, dolphins’ and birds of prey educational presentations, lemurs, rhinos and many more.

Not just a site for a relaxing stroll in a beautiful park, but also a site for educational entertainment, where you and your children will come to appreciate conservation of wildlife.

Attica Zoological Park attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages from all over the globe, who seek a view of world wide nature while in Athens.

A definite must during your stay in Greece!


Thesi Gialou, Spata 190 04, next to Greece's biggest shopping complex McAG & Smart Park

+30 210 663-47-25