Loumidis Coffee Shops – The “Greek House of Coffee”

Loumidis Coffee Shop is a Greek long-standing love brand of almost 100 years. With strong reference to high quality products and exceptional customer experience, the Third generation of Loumidis family continues to offer the most unique and aromatic varieties of freshly ground coffee.

By visiting Loumidis Coffee Shop in Thessaloniki, at 22 Komninon Street, you will "travel" across Greece through our rich variety of traditional delights. Famous Greek Loukoumi, traditional sweets of the spoon, selected liqueurs, delicious chocolates and many more authentic Greek tastes await you.

Last but not least, our coffee specialization! In our store you will unlock the strong identity of our freshly ground coffees by choosing among traditional Greek, espresso, brew, instant and aromatic flavors.

We welcome you with smile and joyfulness!

11 stores in Greece

+30 210 321-44-26