Loutraki Thermal SPA

Through the depth of centuries the curative water of Loutraki, has been established as a symbol of natural healthy living, welfare and rejuvenation and accurately this unique gift of nature has been characterized as ''The water of life.''

The well known from the ancient times healing and beneficial properties of the waters of Loutraki, provided and still provide through the centuries, prevention and treatment for many diseases, musculoskeletal, skin and other diseases of the human body.
In a super modern space, we offer a unique experience to rejuvenate body and mind as well as relaxation and welfare with body and face treatments. You may simply choose among:

• hydrotherapy pools,
• individual baths in a special thin rain shower,
• sauna,
• steam bath,
• rejuvenation through various massage techniques,
• mud therapy etc.

The facilities of LOUTRAKI THERMAL SPA include:

• 2 indoor heated pools with waterfalls and jet hydromassaging (underwater massage) 201 m2 and 40 m2 respectively.
• 1 indoor swimming pool cooling water 20 m2. for post-traumatic problems.
• 1 outdoor pool with water mushroom hydromassaging with waterfall and pool bar, 200 m2.
• 4 individual cabins with baths hydrotherapy. This includes a cabin of bath Caracalla with multiple launchers.
• 3 double cabins with baths hydrotherapy.
• Sauna
• Turkish / Steam Bath
• 2 spaces sprinkler distance.
• 2 spaces thin rain shower.
• Fitness
• Halls and beauty.
• Meeting individual massage.
• 2 spaces for mud.
• Yoga Room
• Cafeteria.
• Spacious reception rooms and rest.
• Easy access for disabled.

24 G. Lekka St., Loutraki

+30 27440 621-86