All products of MERAKI ILIAKI company produced  from high biological value milk.

These pure specific quality and value.

You can find a wide variety of products such as:

Traditional hard cheese  Can be eaten with honey, salad, fried cheese (saganaki), grated in different dishes.

Kefalotyri Crete
Prepare for centuries in Crete and other areas of Greece. The flavor is salty and spicy.

Malakiotiko cheese - white cheese in brine
Used in local cuisine and it’s a tasting accompaniment to salad

Athotyros fresh
Traditional, soft cheese. It  is an ideal for diet, it is eaten net or with honey, it is exceptional for salty or sweety recipes.

Toyloymotyri simple or with pepper
Hard cheese made from goat's milk with a spicy taste and strong perfume. It Is a cheese with roots from Asia Minor, who has been taught to us from Asia Minor who have come to Greece after the Asia Minor Catastrophe. Make this wonderful fried and for lovers of spicy flavors grated as an accompaniment to pasta.

Spicy cheese with chilli
The spicy pepper cheese is a hard cheese with buttery flavors.

Have a nice cheese tasting!

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