Olive wood has unique grains with colors from cream through pink to black. Most olive wood carvings come from the trimmings process essential to further the healthy proper growth of olive tree.

It is a hard durable wood with high density up to 92%. Our products are unique in two ways. First because of the uniqueness of olive tree wood and its rich grains and second because all of our products are original handmade compared to other competitors. So each one has its unique shape and grains. That is why they make a beautiful and unique gift.

It is a natural and healthy choice, it does not scratch and does not absorb smells or substances. The olive trees we use, come from areas of Crete, Peloponnese, and Evia.

Our product range includes Kitchen Utensils, Cutting Boards, Bowls & Platters, Mortar & Pestle, Kitchen Tools, Wine Lover’s Accessories, Board Games and Olive Tree Cosmetics.

Our products are available for both retail and wholesale orders around the world. We provide also the most competitive prices for the quality we ensure.

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