Our jewellery store S.M.ARTEN was founded in 1971. For more than 40 years, the shop is co-travelling with you in the bright world of jewellery.

The value of jewellery lies in two aspects, the objective one and the sentimental one. The objective value of the jewellery will be guaranteed by us. Our store provides written warranty for your purchases, as well as a wide collection of eternal love solitaires. The valuable gems derive from internationally recognized gemological institutes including GIA,HRD and IGI. For that reason and only, every single solitaire is accompanied by the corresponding laboratory certificate.

The sentimental value of the jewellery will be offered by you.

Given that jewellery highlights your personality, for that purpose, our collection is constantly updated to meet the most demanding. Handmade, in unique designs jewellery of precious and semi-precious stones, always made from reliable materials.

You will find a wide range of wedding bands, crosses, classical and juvenile line of jewellery in gold and silver, as well as jewellery with gem stones like coral, turquoise etc.

Finally, you can find watches such as, Frederique Constant, Patek Philippe, Eterna, Oris, Bulova, Guess Collection, types of art porcelain, lacquer,jade etc., writing instruments and byzantine icons on wood.

For best serving your needs, we offer services for your jewellery such as, polishing,rhodium-plating, gold-plating, ring resizing, hand-knotting pearls for necklaces, as well as any other repairs.

The second generation of S.M.ARTEN is specialized at the Gemological Institute of America for both appreciation and evaluation of precious stones, as for designing jewellery specifically for you. Design plans for solitaires, as well as choosing their stones, in addition to various jewellery collections, can accompany you in every precious moment. Trust us your thoughts and we will create, not only for you but also your loved ones, whatever you have imagined.

Our staff is capable of serving you in the following languages: Greek, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and Armenian.

12 Nikis Str, Athens, 10563

+30 210 322-97-23