A place created by the need for change and the owners’ love for the historic district of Aretsou.

The "fourth" project of the family business with a tradition of three generations in coffee enterprise gave its name “Tessera” to this new store.

The concept of running a modern coffee-shop like an old-fashioned cafe offering its customers a variety of small snacks as accompaniment of wine, beer and even ouzo was the original idea of ​​creating this spot.

Pure products of Greek origin which are used for the production of various dishes, are also available for sale. Homemade jams, preserves (spoon sweets), Greek coffee in ember, salads escorted by wine, a variety of sausages next to a cold draft beer are only a few of what you can enjoy in “Tessera” , always of the best quality and at affordable prices.

The warmth of a home and the aura of a courtyard filled with flowers were the original design concept of the store. The architectural approach of the place, inspired by the current philosophy, was based on the reuse of old objects and the use of natural recyclable materials.

Wine-tasting evenings, nights devoted to new flavors from around the world, new musical pursuits, photo and jewellery exhibitions, as well as other artistic events are some of the actions of our place.

53 Nikolaou Plastira St., Thessaloniki

+30 2310 433-681