Vouliagmeni Lake is without doubt one of the most spectacular natural attractions in the Attica region. It is a natural jewel. 

The thermal waters of the lake, its biodiversity, natural beauty and rich history makes it an ecological paradise, just 25 km from the city center of Athens.

Vouliagmeni Lake has been declared a monument of nature and a protected wetland, and has been included in the National list of "Natura 2000" protected by the International Convention of «Ramsar».

The thermal water of the lake undergoes continuous natural renewal.  Water continuously wells up from depths of 50 to 100 meters and maintains the water’s temperature between 21 and 29 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The thermal springs of the Lake offer a unique opportunity for an overall sense of well-being and rejuvenation.  In recent years the fish species «Garra Rufa» also called "fish doctors" can be found in the Lake’s water. These small fish naturally rid the skin of dead cells thus removing aged skin.

The Lake nevertheless, has much more to offer.  It is an ideal meeting point for relaxing and having fun from early in the morning until the late hours of the evening. A walk in the small natural paradise of Lake Vouliagmeni seems an ideal opportunity to learn more about thermalism and feel a unique sense of wellness.

One can enjoy swimming and exercising while benefiting from the thermal springs. Changing rooms and showers are easily accessible and a lifeguard and doctor are daily on the premises throughout the year. The café that operates on site allows visitors to enjoy their refreshment, light meal or dessert offering an outstanding view.  During the afternoon hours soft music further enhances the feeling of serenity, while lounge music played during the evening hours makes for an even more magical experience.

Finally, this beautiful, mysterious and atmospheric water oasis, constitutes the perfect canvas for those wishing to organize an event beyond the ordinary.

Vouliagmeni, Attica

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