It’s not often that you come across a place that both tourists and locals speak about so good. We are talking about the Zikas Taverna, in the popular resort of Halkidiki - Hanioti.

The restaurant is famous for its delicious seafood dishes:

  • Grilled fish
  • "Khtapodi sharas" - grilled octopus
  • "Khtapodi krasato" - an octopus cooked in wine sauce
  • "Kalamaria skharas" - grilled squid
  • "Kalamaria gemista" - squid stuffed with feta cheese
  • "Mydia saganaki" - mussels in mustard and feta cheese sauce
  • "Mydia tiganita" - fried mussels

A pleasant atmosphere, attentive and polite staff, fast service, exceptional freshness and quality of the products and low prices, definitely put the restaurant on the list of must-see places.

Hanioti 630 85, Halkidiki

+30 23740 623-72