Natural skin care, from Crete with love

The rich Greek heritage, beauty recipes and unique benefits of Cretan herbs, known since ancient times, inspire BIOselect to create the best certified organic skin care products for the whole family.

Crete is a place with an ideal climate for growing many plants and herbs with medicinal properties, many of which are native to this region. Here, in 2002, BIOselect began its activities. Today it’s one of the most famous Greek companies producing certified organic cosmetics. The secret to its success is very simple:

  • With love and respect for the nature and gifts of the Cretan land, BIOselect® creates its products from selected ingredients of natural origin.
  • An experienced team of professional chemists, perfumers and experienced herb collectors who share common values ​​and enthusiastically seek new ideas to create better products.
  • The company uses and develops traditional production methods, with strict control at all its stages and especially high-quality criteria, that make BIOselect products an ideal experience for the whole family.
  • Dictamelia® is the company's innovative product, patented in 2008. It’s a key ingredient, made exclusively for BIOselect products, under special conditions that provide the beneficial properties of Dictamos (Origanum dictamnus) and olive oil.

Today the company offers two series of cosmetics:

  1. BIOselect Organic, based on the innovative ingredient Dictamelia, also containing sage water, which soothes the skin and acts as an antioxidant. All its products are ICEA organic cosmetics certified.
  2. BIOselect Naturals — a new line of natural cosmetics, created in 2017. “From the Mediterranean to the gates of Asia, BIOselect Naturals explores the ancient Silk Road, discovering herbs, fruits and exotic spices that evoke feelings and soul. A magical journey through unique aromas and strong feelings.”

BIOselect products can be purchased at cosmetics and bio products stores throughout Greece. On the official BIOselect website, you can find descriptions of all the company's products and recommendations for their use, as well as order all the cosmetics you need.


* The result of many years of research conducted by BIOselect and provided to the pharmaceutical department of the University of Athens was the proof of the beneficial properties of Dictamos, a plant that have not been studied before. The company received the official monograph of the European Medicines Agency, which classified Dictamos as a medicinal plant and recognized its unique properties.

History of the company

Established in 2002 in the Prefecture of Rethymno Crete, BIOselect began its activities with the production of the highest quality Cretan food.
In 2005, taking into account the needs of the Greek and world markets, the company created its first line of organic cosmetics.

In 2006, the first trade relations were established with 15 countries, including USA, Russia, Germany, China, etc.

In 2017, the “BIOselect Naturals” series of cosmetics was created, enriching the company's products with a collection of unique exotic combinations and flavors.

Papanikolaou 4, Rethymno 741 00, Crete

+30 28310 212-80