“Terkenlis” patisseries were founded in 1948 and from that time on they are considered a point of reference in Thessaloniki.

The chain’s oldest shop is located at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous Str. Every day the mesmerizing smell from the oven while baking our products, spreads all over Aristotelous square and is considered as one of Thessaloniki’s most characteristic element, to which no one can resist. It’s a habit for Greeks from all over the country and visitors from abroad to make a stop at “Terkenlis” patisseries and buy its “famous” tsoureki. Tsoureki in Greece is almost a synonym to ‘Terkenlis’ but the brand, in its 70 years of existence, covers a much wider range of products. Traditional sweets, cakes, pastry, traditional pies, cold and warm snacks, ice cream, coffee but also salads and ready meals. All our products are based on old traditional recipes made with love and devotion. Using only high quality raw materials we aim to satisfy our customers each and every time.

Best seller!
Tsoureki with chestnut filling and white chocolate covering and for the chocolate lovers, Tsoureki with chocolate filling and chocolate covering! Sweeten your days in Greece and bring back home a sweet souvenir taste of “Terkenlis”. Our people are waiting for you!

23 patisseries in Greece

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