Thea Thalassa Restaurant, on the rock of Afytos, represents fully the Greek tradition: simple Greek recipes, pure and fresh ingredients that we procure daily from our own garden and from our land, good traditional food combined with the best Greek wines and spirits, sea, summer, and relaxed mood!


Thea Thalassa Restaurant specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Our persistence is to highlight through our dishes the natural taste of our ingredients and to provide our customers with dishes that will be enjoyed.
Our recipes give the authentic taste of natural ingredients, avoiding the use of preservatives or flavor additives.

We also provide our own smokehouse, where we cook all the salted, smoked products like the lakerda which is made of tuna.

We create our own handmade black garlic. Then we process them and use them with Halkidiki honey, creating flavored honey with black garlic, which participates in the cod sauce and tarama.
We also create our own jams, such as the olive jam served with the geremezi.


A team that stays together for over 20 years! What binds us is our love for good food and of course our place, Afitos! We are constantly evolving our passion through specialized seminars and a non-stop searching for new recipes, Greek wines and of course the right food pairings.

The majority of the team still stays united in the new restaurant, with passion and appetite for a new beginning! We are waiting for you to enjoy together the most Greek flavors and moments with a view of the Sea!

Afitos, Chalkidiki

+30 23740 910-44