Andronikos Hotel, Mykonos, is a stunningly beautiful and ultra modern-looking boutique hotel just south and east of Mykonos Town. Most sights in the Town are a comfortable 15-minute walk away. Tripadvisor really likes this hotel: it’s not only their #1 rated hotel on the island, but it has been awarded the travel site’s “Best of the Best” award.

Klab Architecture is responsible for the unforgettable visual look of Andronikos Hotel’s redesign (the hotel was originally built in 1990.). The hotel is site on top of a hill overlooking the island, about 600m from the beach. It has an outdoor pool, a wellness center, and tons of amenities, such as free breakfast and shuttle service, both to and from the airport, and into and out of Mykonos Town.

Sky Bar
Andronikos Hotel Mykonos

But the hotel’s most striking feature is its sleek, futuristic look, with lots of curved surfaces, furniture cleverly built into the walls of the rooms, white, textured rock walls, strategically placed abstract sculptures, and smooth, shiny white surfaces, all within the greater architectural theme of classic Cycladic cub-shaped, whitewashed structures. The impression this hotel leaves guests, visually, is unforgettable. Andronikos Hotel has 2 restaurants, 2 bars, an outdoor pool, and a spa.

Guests praise the visuals of the hotel, the great food (especially the hearty breakfast), the sunset views from the hotel’s hilltop location, and the staff (“which treats you like family,” said one guest). Many guests use superlatives like “the best hotel experience ever,” “the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in,” and “Exceptional!”


As already noted, the design of these rooms and suites is really unique; there are all kinds of curves and clever ideas. Of particular note is the device of making the beds and desks part of the wall. This means they can’t be moved, but furniture placement in hotel rooms is pretty much unchangeable anyway.

Many of the walls have curved insets and ceiling designs with indirect lighting, the cumulative effect of which reminds you of 2001: A Space Odyssey. There is an abundance of bright white surfaces. There are all kinds of interesting details in these rooms: some rooms have parallel lines of little black pebbles set in the walls or floors, creating an interesting pathway affect. And it’s not that the bed is attached to the wall: it seems to grow out of the wall, describing a graceful curve which includes a space for what would normally be the bedside table. The room design (and the hotel’s design, generally), has a wonderful, organic look because nature is full of curves, and except for the horizon, you rarely find straight lines in the natural world.

Room amenities include AC, bathrobes and slippers, use of the on-site gym, hairdryer, premium bath products, queen size bed, safe deposit box, satellite TV, WiFI, blue tooth speaker, mini bar, walk-in shower, large, comfortable bathroom, and others.

Cocoon Room Garden View

Cocoon Rooms

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Cocoon Room Garden View is ideal for 2 guests. It looks inward to the pool area and the grounds. The view extends to part of the island and the sea due to the hotel’s elevated location.

Cocoon Room Jacuzzi has a beautiful tiled furnished balcony with arched openings looking down on the pool area. In one corner of this spacious balcony is the Jacuzzi. In the background are the neighboring buildings of the island, looking off towards Mykonos Town.

Superior Room Garden View

Superior Rooms

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Superior Room Garden View is a newly designed room with some really inventive and pleasing elements. The bed is in a sort of inset with cultured stone whitewashed walls, and a curving ceiling arch overhead. The rest of the ceiling features exposed, white beams and a wooden design. The bathroom is open plan. Room comes with its own private terrace.

Superior Room Sea View is an upper level room affording a really beautiful panorama of Mykonos, and the sea in the distance, from the large shaded terrace. Room features abundant cultured stone walls and arches. There are a lot of curves in this room, which are very pleasing to the eye.

Superior Room Pool View Outdoor Jacuzzi has a large Jacuzzi on its spacious, partially shaded, arched balcony, in which you can relax as you take in the view of the surrounding area.

Junior Suite Sea View with Jacuzzi

Junior Suites

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Junior Suites are larger than the Superior Rooms.

Junior Suite Garden View has its bed in a cozy alcove. In some of the suites the bed is a one-step level higher than the floor of the suite, and is enclosed by a graceful floor to ceiling arch. Bathroom has a free-standing bowl sink and a walk-in shower.

Junior Suite Sea View Outdoor Jacuzzi offers a really nice view from its sunny balcony. You get a panorama of the hotel’s grounds, of the neighboring villages, and the sweep of the Aegean coastline. The best part of the balcony, however, is the Jacuzzi. There you can relax with your favorite beverage, watch the sun go down in the evening, and enjoy the beautiful view.

Junior Suite Pool View Outdoor Jacuzzi overlooks the pool and garden area of the hotel from its balcony, which has a Jacuzzi in one corner. Interior has a spacious sitting area with two sofas creating a corner and fronted by a large coffee table.

Suite Sea View with Jacuzzi


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Suite Garden View is the largest-sized suite on offer at Andronikos. It has a king size bed and the bedroom is separate from the living area. The living area is furnished with two sofa beds in a corner arrangement. Spacious balcony overlooks the pool and garden area.

Suite Sea View Outdoor Jacuzzi is also the largest suite at Andronikos Hotel, along with the Suite Garden View. The differences between the two are the placement of an outdoor Jacuzzi tucked into one corner of the balcony, in addition to the splendid sea view. The layout divides the bedroom from the living area, and the living area is equipped with two sofa beds to sleep two additional guests.

Blue Room with Jacuzzi

Blue Room Jacuzzi

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This large room is in a category all to itself because of its unique design elements and colour scheme, in which blue and white predominate. There is a partially arched opening leading from the sleeping area to the seating area, and the large rectangular window looking over the balcony and the sea has curved corners. The Jacuzzi is on the balcony which enables you to enjoy the view whilst relaxing in the soothing waters. Room comes with two bathrooms.

Food and Drink

The Edesma Restaurant offers seating, as well as service in such places as the lounge area around the pool, your daybed, and the Sky Bar, which offers unbeatable evening views.

Edesma Restaurant
Edesma Restaurant

The restaurant specializes in Greek fare, such as Greek salad, lamb souvlaki on pita bread with tzatziki, catch of the day fish, as well as more international fare including hamburgers, pulled pork, and club sandwiches.

Lady Finger Restaurant
Lady Finger Restaurant

The Lady Finger Restaurant has won, multiple times, the New Greek Cuisine’s prize of excellence, and is one of the most popular restaurants on the island. The restaurant specializes in locally sourced, organic ingredients cooked to perfection. Their 4-course menu includes slow-cooked lamb, whilst their 7-course menu serves specialties such as Greek octopus and catch of the day.

The Orange Blue Bar in the hotel’s main building, near the pool, is a place to get coffees or cocktails and anything in between all day long. Sip a refreshing drink at poolside, or sit indoors and enjoy the ambience as you have a drink or to to start your night out in Mykonos Town.

Sky Bar
Sky Bar

The Sky Bar offers the best view of the island, as it’s on the top floor terrace of the hotel. This recently opened bar has the futuristic look of the rest of the hotel. Here is where you go to catch the spectacular Mykonos sunset with your favorite drink, as you enjoy the stylings of live jazz or pop music.

Spa and Wellness

The Earth Spa is waiting for you to indulge in some me time and rejuvenate with an unforgettable relaxing full body massage, or a complete facial treatment. Expertly trained therapists make ample use of oils lotions and essential oils to make you feel brand new.

Spa and Wellness
Spa and Wellness

The design of the spa is impressive: and overall sandstone colour scheme with arched hallways ending in an alcove with a circular private pool, with indirect lights highlighting wall surfaces.

For the perfect workout, the Iron Maiden Gym has a ceiling that looks like an Impressionist’s idea of the sea, and is stuffed with all the modern exercise equipment and machines you can think of, to keep up the “fit” part of the expression, “tan and fit.” (The tan you can take care of at poolside.)

In the Area

Mykonos is by any measure the most stimulating of the Aegean islands, what with world figures in the entertainment industries who buzz on in, party hearty for a few days, and then fly off to their next destinations. The island has a reputation for openness and tolerance because of its ancient cosmopolitan past as a critical link on Aegean trade routes which bought people from all over the world to her doorstep. In the modern area Mykonos became a base for archeologists who had uncovered ruins on Delos, the sacred island. Delos was uninhabited, so the closest place to stay was Mykonos. Tourism picked up in the 50’s-60’s when celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy Onassis started to visit. Today the island is packed during the high season, receiving half a million visitors compared to its year-round population of 11,000.

Delos is the closest and by far the most interesting off-island site. Historically, mythologically, and archaeologically, Delos is one of Greece’s most important sites. Birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, Delos was a major cult centre, and the goal of pilgrimages for Greeks as far back as 900 BC. Sites on the island include the Terrace of the Lions, the Sacred Lake, the Temple of the Delians, and the house of Dionysos. Only 3km from Mykonos, you could almost swim to Delos.

Mykonos, of course, is famous for its wide-open, somewhat expensive night life. It’s a great place to people watch, and celebrity watch as well, seeing as famous people from all over the globe vacation there every summer. The town itself, however, is well worth exploring for its narrow, twisty streets and classic Cycladic, cube-like, whitewashed architecture with its brightly painted doors. Tradition holds that its complex, narrow network of streets were designed that way to confuse pirates. Walking tours are available.

Little Venice, a district famous for its bars and restaurants, and the much photographed row of colorful buildings set right at the water’s edge, is a great place to watch the sunset.

The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos has artifacts dating as far back to prehistory. Founded in 1905, it’s one of the oldest archaeological museums in Greece.

The windmills of Mykonos are one of the island’s most prominent landmarks, and worth a visit. Dating to the 1500’s, the mills were built to grind grain, but have now become the island’s trademark.

There’s lots of other stuff you can do on Mykonos, from walking the island’s hiking trails, to visiting the colorful Ano Mera village for a calm respite from the noise of the town, to the peace and quiet of the monastery of Paleokastro, to a visit to the unique Mykonos Vioma Organic Farm, an agricultural oasis of calm in the center of the island.

Rizes Folklore Farmstead, towards the central eastern region of the island, is a 5-acre traditional farming complex whose stated purpose is the preservation of ancient agricultural traditions on Mykonos, it features a working traditional home, workshops, livestock, and farming techniques which sustained life on Mykonos for centuries before the tourist boom. There is a restaurant serving traditional Mykonian meals, a cooking class, and bread making demonstration of offer. Horseland features guided horseback riding with rescue horses. Vioma Organic Farm, Rizes Folklore Farmstead, and Horseland all have their own web sites.

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