Gomati, a village located north of Siggitikos Bay, at the foot of Mount Athouli.

Large enough, setting among low hills and olive groves, it was founded in 1932 when the Byzantine village of the same name was flattened by earthquakes and its residents moved here to be safe. The traditional village has approximately 600 inhabitants who are engaged in farming and agriculture.

Gomati has easy access to the magnificent mountain of "Kakavos" known for its rich fauna and flora while in close distance, one can find amazing beaches such as Develiki, Malathria, Pyrgos, Chiliadou and Kastri.


According to archaeologists, the ancient city of Assira was located in the area. Gomati, or the "country of Gomato" was a part of Mount Athos up to the 9th century. A great part of it belonged to the monasteries of Megisti (Great) Lavra, Iviron, Donisiou and Xiropotamou.

According to a version, Gomatos, a general of the Byzantine Empire had in his jurisdiction the area of the island of Lemnos. Many of its residents fled from Lemnos due to pirate raids. Some of them fled to Nothern Halkidiki to a forested and inaccessable -but safe from the pirates- are where they built Gomati.

Worth it to see

The attractive stone bridge, close to the village which has, with two arches.

On the way to old Gomati, take off from the St George country chapel and hike up the footpath that runs alongside the stream, after walking a stone-paved footpath for approximately half an hour, you will find the impressive cave in which St George was sanctified.

The ruins of the tower of Orfanou located 4km away from today's settlement.