The island of only 9 sq. km is a sea junction between Europe and Asia, on the edge of the Aegean. One and only, wonderful settlement, which impresses with its colorful houses of excellent architecture and its churches, is built upon the arid rock. Similar admiration is caused by the Blue Cave, one of the biggest and most beautiful underwater caves of Greece. Kastellorizo, by nature, is a destination for the few. And the select(ive).

Just outside the small airport of Kastellorizo begins the road (almost 1 km) that leads to Paleokastro (old castle), the most important monument of the island. It is an ancient settlement with many buildings and tanks. Four churches are located within the borders of the settlement and one out of it, Agia Marina, from where the view to Megisti and the Turkish coasts is wonderful. Due to its form, the fort is thought to have been built between the end of the Classical and the beginning of the Hellenistic period (the initial phase dates back to the 4th century). It took on additions and changes in the Roman era and they still used it during the Byzantine period and the rule of the Knights.