Kyparissia is a lovely coastal town at the western part of the prefecture of Messinia. In ancient years it was known as “Kyparissientas” and belonged to the king of Pylos, Nestor. Its prosperity was outstanding and it even issued its own coin in 199 BC. The castle of Arcadia was built onto the foundations of the ancient acropolis of Kyparissia during the Byzantine era. This castle, which was also known as the “Tower of the Justinian” was altered many times over the centuries, depending on the tastes of its conquerors. But it still stands proudly until today and is definitely the jewel of the city.

Kyparissia is a notable town, with an excellent infrastructure and good organization. It is divided into Ano and Nea -or Kato- Poli. Ano Poli is the old traditional part, while Nea, which was recently built, constitutes its newer section.