The surface of the main island Lipsi is 15.8 km². to spread coast 36 km. The land consists of low hills (maximum height is the Boats with 277 m., followed by the plate with 200 m. height in the NW part of it) and small valleys. There are also coves (Fontana, Muscat, shipyard, beaches (Liendou, Platis Gialos, Katsadia, Tourkomnima, Chochlakoura) and rocky headlands (Gato, Monodendri, Glarokavos).

Points Of Interest

The parish church in Chora Lipsi. Saint John the Theologian with two steeples “see” the natural harbor. The courtyard offers generous views. With marble floors, beautiful carved iconostasis, chandeliers, old holy utensils, beautiful paintings and metal altar bearing box raised and decorated with depictions of the life of Christ in Russian style.

Ecclesiastical, historical and folklore museum, called and “Nikiforeio”. Located next to the parish church of St. John the Theologian. Created by Panosiologiotato Nikiforos Koumoundouros. With care gathered from the countryside and chapels of great antiques include marble kionikrana (4th c. BC), grave findings such lamps, dakrychooi other pottery, marble slabs with ancient writing, clay pitchers, wood and silver crosses (17th century), tabernacles, ierokalymata, candlesticks (Russian construction 1800), images of the 16th century. Holy Gospels, old books, local costumes, old utensils and ancient amphorae synellexan fishermen of the island.

Agios Nektarios in Patela, cruciform with three domes. Here Keep carved bone reliquary of the saint and the fabric of the garments.

The archaeological site at “Castle” just outside the town of Lipsi. The findings indicate the existence of an ancient prehistoric city