The Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi is located in the centre of East Attica and is one of the most historical municipalities of the region. Excavations have revealed rectangular houses dating back to the prehistoric era, copper milling facilities, as well as elements from the Roman period (buildings, Roman bath, statues). Rafina was one of the 100 municipalities (“deme”) of Athens set by Cleisthenes, called “Arafin” at the time, after its first ruler Arafinas, who was one of the 100 heroes of Attica.

Today, Rafina is the second biggest port of Attica after Piraeus, and one of the biggest ports in Greece. It is located approximately 25 km away from Athens, and can be accessed fast and easily via the Attiki Odos (Attica Tollway). It is a beautiful, modern seaside town that maintains its authentic atmosphere, with respect to its identity, attracting a multitude of holiday-makers and visitors. Over the last few years, Rafina has experienced great growth, since more and more ferry companies opt for its harbour. Although it is fairly densely populated in the centre close to the port, the town boasts vast parks and open green spaces. Rafina’s most popular beaches are the one by the port and the “Marikes” beach in Avlaki, south of the town.