The central location of the island made Syros one of the most important ports in the Eastern Mediterranean during the 19th century, soon turning it into the commercial, administrative and cultural center of the Cyclades island complex. Hermoupolis still resembles an open-air museum, a live monument of neoclassical architecture with relics and cultural treasures worth discovering. From the medieval city of Ano Syros, the ancient monuments of the Early Cycladic period in Kastri, the municipality of Syros-Hermoupolis, the Apollon Theater resembling Scala di Milano, the Orthodox and Catholic coexistence as well as the various influences from Asia Minor and all the way to the machine center in Neorion operating since 1861, Syros is a unique place of everlasting historical tradition and culture.

The island’s privileged location along with its advanced tourist infrastructure and special character make it an ideal destination for authentic and alternative holidays in the Cyclades. Syros is considered a favorable pole of attraction throughout the year as each season dresses the already breathtaking scenery with its own colors and aromas, with its own beauties and contrasts always offering a special and unforgettable experience for all visitors.


The devout atmosphere combined with the  Orthodox and Catholic coexistence make Easter on the island a truly unrivaled experience with the procession of the epitaph from Orthodox followers holding spars, dice, sponges and tunics symbolizing the sufferings of Christ and the procession of the statue of Jesus after the Resurrection by the Catholics.