Xanthi, a town that perches at Rhodope"s arms, first on the road and railroad way that connects Thessaloniki with Evros and Constantinople. Capital of the prefecture, with ancient descent and contemporary presence. The contemporary city resembles a hive of activities twenty four hours a day. Its convention centers constitute a pole of attraction for Greek and foreign citizens.

Streets and squares are full of motion and there are many choices for the visitor and all of his/her senses. Start your day at a city"s confectionery. It is not time for a die. Syrup pastry and “kariokes” -a traditional pastry- are pleasure for your smell and taste. Local flavors in tap rooms and restaurants, in noon and afternoon, are marvelous. Along these, there are bars for every taste, places that rembetiko music is performed and cinemas. A variety of entertainment and amusement rooms are provoking and simultaneously inviting you. A pleasure for your soul!!