"HELLENIC SHOP" was created in 2007 and it is located on the central road of Kallithea (Chalkidiki), easily approached by car or on feet.

Our shop provides a great variety of tourist souvenirs, inspired from and produced by Greek hands. Such souvenirs are: ancient Greek vases of different techniques, statues made of alabaster, helmets and metallic statues of ancient Greek warriors. All the above are precise and accurate copies form the Ancient Greek history, mythology and culture.

In our shop you will also have the chance to find hand - made Orthodox Byzantine icons, copies form Mount Athos paintings, olive and olive oil products, memorial T-shirts and many other holiday accessories (hats, swimming accessories etc.).

The choice of our souvenirs is made under strict criteria, so that our customers can be sure that the souvenirs they choose are truly "HELLENIC".

We will be glad to serve you and make your holidays in Chalkidiki unforgettable!

Kallithea, 63077 Chalkidiki

+30 23740 238-49