In Kallithea, on the wonderful beach of the most popular resort on the Halkidiki Peninsula, there is the Korali Seafood Restaurant. Among the visitors of the resort, the restaurant is famous for its impeccable taste of seafood dishes, friendly service, and a magnificent view of the sea.

Traditional Greek recipes at their best.

The vast majority of Korali visitors note the freshness and taste of seafood and salads, recommending to try:

  • Fish («tsipura», «sardela», «skumbri», etc.)
  • Fried оctopus
  • Fried shrimps and mussels
  • Garidomakaronada (Greek pasta with shrimp)
  • Traditional salads.

By the end of the meal, a dessert from the restaurant will be a pleasant surprise.

The restaurant's prices are very reasonable, which, combined with the quality of the food and the convenient location, make it an excellent choice for lunch or dinner.

+30 23740 22-350