Kritikos Restaurant has been preparing choice Mediterranean cuisine since 1977, offering all the traditional dishes plus the finest fresh local fish you have ever tasted.

Based on the bounty of the seafood that come from the sea of Mount Athos, plus a wide variety of fresh vegetables, herbs and local meats, our Mediterranean cuisine offers-according to the experts - the very balanced and flavourful nutrition.

The Restaurant Kritikos is not a simple fish restaurant, it is a restaurant which offers a generous dose of sublimity in its settings. It provides a menu which includes not only the earthly paradise, a few steps away from the Mount Athos’ sky but a wine list which would envy the ever best restaurant of Athens as well . This sublimity is being expressed in its dishes as well, either through the splendid, rich fish soup, the lobster spaghetti , or, the fresh caught fish and the seafood”.

Gourmet Awards, Sunday Eleftherotipia newspaper

Ouranoupoli, Athos, Chalkidiki