The Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets history dates back to 2005 by Konstantinos Lazaris. Inspired by the fruit of kumquat, the tradition, the flavors, and the aromas of Corfu, Mr. Lazaris and his team passionately continue the gastronomic tradition of the island.

Lazaris products are handmade, made in small quantities, and are characterized by the Corfiot tradition and finesse. In our distillery and confectionery workshops, our experienced crafters follow the Ionian recipes; additionally, they are pioneering and experimenting with new, tasteful combinations.

In our modern facilities, the past meets the future.

The agricultural production, traditional recipes, historical and cultural heritage of Corfu are combined with international safety and hygiene standards, modern design, and contemporary gastronomy.

The unit is certified by ISO 22000:2005.


In our facilities, we offer different tasting tours, which guide the visitor to the gastronomic history of Corfu, each one in its unique way.

Cocktail tasting

At our facilities, we organize cocktail tastings. The visitor tastes cocktails based on our Lazaris Corfiot liqueurs. At the same time in our buffet, he can try all of our drinks and sweets. During the visit, he can also watch the production of our products in the confectionery workshop.

Wine tasting

At our main facilities, we organize private wine tastings. The visitor tastes Corfiot wine (white, rosé, and red), accompanied by Corfiot finger food, while he learns about the local varieties. During the event, he can watch the production of our products in the confectionery workshop and at the end of the wine tasting tour, he can taste Lazaris products.

Olive oil tasting

In our facilities, we organize a tasting of local producers’ olive oil. Our visitor learns about the history and tradition of our place through the paths of the olive production process and the tasting of the different varieties of Corfiot olive oil at the same time he tastes Corfiot dishes with olive oil combinations.

Tasting / Food pairing

 We offer our guests a delicious trip to the gastronomic culture of Corfu, a tasting/food pairing of our products in combination with other Corfiot delicacies. A demonstration of the Corfiot gastronomic history as well as of the Corfiot products of Lazaris Distillery and Artisan Sweets.

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