Shopping - Corfu

Esther Fashion

A place where every woman and man will come in contact with elegance and quality in timeless Greek designs

Muses Corfu

A concept store that brings together tradition, culture, contemporary art, and fashion

must b.

Maxi elegant dresses, of bright summer colours, a twist of freedom and sexiness. This is what characterizes this season resort collection.

Askaridis Shoes

ASKARIDIS family is one of the last shoe business families of northern Greece. It is still operating in the shoe market, because of the experience and love this family has developed for the art of shoes

Piazza Bags

Italian style, French sophistication and Spanish passion will add to your style bright colors and will emphasize your uniqueness

Pavlos Jewelry Design

Pavlos Diakoumakos' life, like his jewellery, has been characterized by an unresolved tension between opposing poles of attraction

MAG Jewellery

Mag Jewellery is a Greek jewellery company aiming to reflect the inspiration and history of ancient Greek jewellery through contemporary and colorful designs


Ilias Lalaounis, jeweler, artist, and academician, became world renowned for creating luxurious gold jewelry steeped in history.


It hosts a rich collection of jewelry, ceramics, and sculptures of high quality, made by Greek artists, and has been loved by locals and visitors to the Island.

Church Goods «Thomas»

Near the south central door of the church, on Heroes' Cypriot struggle Square № 18 there is a shop which sells traditional icons and other goods of Christian worship (lamps, candles, rosary, etc.)