Welcome to Mangiare Gastro Bar - a cozy and atmosphere place to enjoy your cocktail with a pizza.

Mangiare is located in the coziest corner of the city, in 20 Mitropoleos & Komninon Street, open daily from early in the morning where you can enjoy your coffee or your breakfast meal. Here you can taste the Italian cuisine flavors, with our signature plates of pasta or pizza, baked in an open oven from our pizzaiolos, with high-quality ingredients, or even enjoy one of our exquisite Signature Cocktails! 


Made with love with the best fresh ingredients


  • BOLOGNESE - tomato sauce and minced beef
  • RISOTTO ALLO ZAFFERANO - rice, saffron and Parmesan
  • DATTERINO GIALLO & RICOTTA - fresh yellow cherry tomatoes, ricotta, pancetta, and pecorino romano


  • VESUVIO GOLD - served with Buffalo mozzarella, yellow cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil
  • PRIMAVERA - served with Buffalo mozzarella, fresh red cherry tomatoes, prosciutto crudo, grana padano, arugula, extra virgin oil
  • CALZONE SPECIAL - served with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, fresh mushrooms, prosciutto cotto, fresh basil, extra virgin oil

20 Mitropoleos & Komninon Str, Thessaloniki 546 24

+30 2310 223-739