Restaurants - Thessaloniki


Haroupi is a Cretan restaurant in Thessaloniki, where you can experience the flavors of Crete, in a harmonious combination of tradition and creativity


Classic favorite dishes in modern versions are waiting for you to discover them

Loupino Restaurant

Loupino restaurant is located in the picturesque area of Ladadika, and wins its customers' hearts with high-quality foods and affordable prices


The Academy restaurant offers daily meals with sophisticated Mediterranean flavors and quality hard to find

7 Thalasses

It’s famous for its gastronomic creations, its attention to the detail and the emergence of the freshness of the used ingredients, according to the Mediterranean culinary wisdom…

Mangiare Gastro Bar

Welcome to Mangiare Gastro Bar - a cozy and atmosphere place to enjoy your cocktail with a pizza.


In the very center of the city, not far from Afonos Square, there is the rOOTS, a cozy and stylish vegetarian and vegan restaurant

Deka Trapezia

Ten tables is a modern restaurant that serves small imaginative dishes created by the chef and co-owner Manolis Papoutsakis


The seasonally changing menu features excellent meze platters, fish and meat dishes

B. Restaurant

Taking Museum dining to sophisticated new heights "B." is the first high standard café-restaurant at a Museum in Greece

Rediviva cucina povera

A garden oasis, Rediviva cucina povera is a farm-to-table gem in the picturesque Tsinari district

Ektos ton Tichon

A modern restaurant of Greek & Mediterranean flavors, a real gastronomic destination, which initially wins the impressions, with the unique and unparalleled view of the castles

Acosta Flavors Factory

Restaurant serves inventive versions of traditional Greek cuisine


Tselementes is a great place to enjoy high-quality handmade Greek food at fair prices

To Manitari

At the East side of Thessaloniki, 57 Sofouli Str, Kalamaria, the owner Giannis Ziaggas created this special place due to his love for gastronomy

Miami Fish & Sea

Keeping tightly to the principles of the grandfather and adding innovative elements to the recipes and service, Dina Tertsi, Gogo Tertsi and Dimitris Mamais continue the long tradition of Maiami

Takos Restaurant

The Takos restaurant has been operating in Termi since 1997 and is one of the main gastronomic destinations in Thessaloniki

Duck Private Cheffing

Duck is the most successful and the coolest idea for eating out. It becomes the biggest talk of the town & surprise of the year in the city

Platanakia Natura

The restaurant has excellent Greek food, cooked with love and passion by experienced chefs