This intimate boutique hotel is located near the sea facing the 500 old Venetian Harbor of Chania and it offers a contemporary feel of luxury and comfort in a traditional building in Crete.

The building was the private residence of the Ambassador R. Kruger and his wife Vilelmine, and it was built in 1890, when they first came to the island. R. Kruger was a complex personality; he has been studying archeology, arts and economy. He was fond of photography and created many postcards with the city, which have survived until today.

From his position of ambassador of Germany, one of the main powers in Crete at that period, he brought to the island another life style closer to the European standards, with their involvement in public events and with great charity works. He was among the pioneers who revived the animal welfare system in Crete, and founded an animal protection club.

Each of the nine rooms is dominated by one of the materials that the ambassador dealt with. These are wood, glass, fabric, cement tiles, ceramic, metal, paper, porcelain and mosaic. The common element, which combines the different materials in order to have an overall architectural language is the modern translation of a standard pattern (cement tiles) that we found in the existing building, constructed by Kruger’s factory last century.

Hence, this pattern appears in each room on different scales and materials.

The rooms give us a sense of modern luxury with views of the Cretan sea in the most beautiful part of town. The Mediterranean sun fills the entire building through large windows and skylights.

12-30 Akti Tompazi Str, Chania 731 32, Crete

+30 28216 008-55