Lake Plastira is one of the best destinations during the whole year and it is ideal for people who seek for peacefulness and calmness, but for those who love the adventure and the activities which are relevant to the mountain and the lake as well.

In a location surrounded by the forest with a panoramic view of the lake Plastira we created the complex of rooms that we dreamed of, which changed the visitor’s standards concerning the domestic tourism and its benefits.

“Suites Oreiades”, have been constructed with artistry and taste by two young people who left the life in the city to live in a peaceful and quiet environment and that is the exact experience that they want to share with their visitors.

Always having in mind your personal sense of comfort and your right to luxury, we created a lounge that will warmly embrace you and eight types of rooms, each of which has a different style and decoration.

Trust your taste and choose one of our rooms for your stay at Lake Plastira.

Krioneri 43067, Plastiras lake

+30 24410 928-96