The Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, situated at the spa of Edipsos on the Island of Euboea, Greece, is a majestic neoclassical building dating from 1897. Reachable through highway, almost 2 hours away from Athens airport (including the ferry trip, which duration is 45 minutes). From Anhialos seasonal airport Thermae Sylla Spa is 1 hour away, including the ferry trip.

We offer transfer service free of charge, depending the reservation, arranging the transfers of our guests, with private cars and drivers, as well as mini vans and busses. Our drivers wait at the airport arrival hall, they pick the guests up and they bring them directly at our door.

105 rooms, including junior executive and presidential suites, with 5 star comforts. Breathtaking sea view rooms and peacefulness in a building with great history. We were on top of the destinations for rejuvenation for many VIPs of the past, such as Onasis, Greta Garbo, Charly Chaplin.

The thermal curative waters and the Spa

The thermal curative waters of Aedepsus have been known ever since an era preceding the 4th Century BC according to the descriptions of ancient Greek philosophers, like Aristotle, Strabo and Plutarch, not to mention Hippocrates, the father of scientific medicine, who was the first to introduce hydrotherapy as a method of curing several diseases in the mid 5th Century BC.

The therapeutic power of Aedepsus’s curative waters is of great interest due to the fact that they contain an abundance of metal salts and trace elements (32-45 gr. per litre) consisted mainly of iron, calcium and magnesium at water temperatures ranging from 70o to 85o Celsius as well as to the fact that they spring out from thermometal wells of a 3,000 meter depth.

The beneficial results of this spa’s waters have been observed clearly in rheumatologic, arthritic and kinetic diseases, chronic inflammations and general complaints of the musculoskeletal system as well as in gynaecologic diseases. The thermal water is also ideal for rejuvenation, relaxation and to feel stressed out.

2000 square meters Spa facilities with more than 100 spa treatments available for every kind of need each guest may have. Our medical and spa team are ready to help each guest to find the treatments that suits best.

Specific Packages of minimum 7 nights, which include accommodation, nutrition and daily treatments such us, the weight loss program for those who wish to lose weight (with dietitian instruction and daily nutrition program), the detox program, ideal for detoxification etc. have carefully formed so as to satisfy even the most demanding guest.

Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel may be exclusively the only hotel that does the following: every night both of the pools are empty, special staff clean them and then they are full with fresh thermal and sea water for use.

The Spa nutrition

The spa philosophy is in our kitchen also. Quality and not quantity is our moto, so get prepared for homemade Greek food we excellent high quality raw materials. Our executive chef use strictly virgin olive oil and vegetables from our farm and carefully selected fresh meat, greens and fish, directly from local producers. Low calorie corners and choices on our buffets for those who wish to have a balanced diet during their staying.


One of the 10 best Med spas in the world, according to the Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, and this year, Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel was proudly certified by the Europe Spa Association, as the only Spa in Greece with the ESPA certification, for the high quality spa services in combination with the excellent hotel facilities.

Edipsos, Eybea

+30 22260 60-100

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