Leros is an island in the South Aegean and belongs to the Prefecture of the Dodecanese. It lies between Patmos and Leipsi to the north and Kalymnos to the south. It is 179 nautical miles from Greece’s main port Pireaus and 7 nautical miles from the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). Leros covers an area of 53 square kilometres with a long coastline of 71 metres filled with beautiful pristine beaches. Along the coastal areas many large natural gulfs and bays have evolved as a result of intense sea activity along its shores.

Thanks to sea’s intensity, Leros today is one of the last small, island paradises for all visitors searching for peace combined with a traditional way of life. It provides peace of mind and body surrounded by a wonderfully hospitable environment that will make you feel at home right from the first moment. This is the local inhabitants of the island emphatically declare. “Those who experience the island will never forget it.”

One of the most essential gulfs of Leros is Lakki, which is also one of the largest, naturally secure ports in the Mediterranean. During the Italian occupation of the Dodecanese, the Gulf of Lakki was used as a naval base because of its natural element. The other important gulfs are at Partheni with three successive creeks and another one at Belfouti. Both of them are protected from the north winds by the smaller islands of Stroggili and Archangelos that function as natural barrier.

Additional, remarkable bays are Alinta, Xerokambos and Panteli. Also, there are beaches ideal for swimming, in smaller bays all along the coast.

On the soft, rolling hills to the north of Lakki, residential communities have been built at Agios Theologos and in the area of the Byzantine Church by the same name as well as at Kamaraki. These are the suburb regions of the Lakki area. Moreover, the settlement at Mili - Plaka is also developed but, it is a sparsely built area with a problematic formation and a lack of organization and infrastructure. These residential developments constitute the suburban territory of Lakki and depend on it for all their service needs and requirements.

The most distant areas from the island’s capital are Partheni to the north and Xirokambos to the south. These communities are at the limit of the island’s road network. The homes in these areas belong to fisherman and show limited tourist activity. To the west at the Bay of Gourna is the village of Drimonas which belongs to the urban area of Lakki and is accessible by the northern road network.