A place like no other

Naousa is a beautiful and peaceful town, with much to surprise you, from its breathtaking surroundings to its world-renowned wines. Naousa is a place of rich cultural history, unique neighborhoods and mouthwatering local dishes. Wander on the cobblestone roads or in the luscious mountains and you will be in awe at the breathtaking views and unique experiences. Naousa is the place to seduce you with its large mansions, old industries, watermills, river and unspoiled nature. But... sorry, there are no beaches!

The place where Aristotle educated Alexander the Great

Naousa was the place of a meeting that has influenced western civilization as we know it. Here, young Alexander the Great was educated by the great philosopher Aristotle of Stagira. The world’s first university is located at idyllic Mieza, a place full of shady caverns and flowing waters, only a few minutes drive from Naousa, and you can still visit it today. Did you know that in the last 200 years, the history of Naousa has been marked by the heroism and the sacrifices of its people and great economic and industrial prosperity? Now you do!

The Greek green

Even within the town of Naousa, nature is everywhere. The foamy Arapitsa River, one of the few rivers in Greece to have a female name, runs through Naousa, creating waterfalls and separating the town into two unequal parts. Stroll the green slopes full of trees, cross a beautiful canyon and climb snowy mountains. You will have fun and adventure, by yourself but also with your whole family. You must visit the wonderful St. Nicholas’ Grove, just some minutes outside of Naousa! Did you know that the Municipality of Naousa has the largest forestland in Greece? Now you do!

All 4 seasons in the mountains

The mountains around the Heroic Town of Naousa are ideal to visit any time of year. You can enjoy sports, fun and relaxation in winter just as much as in the fairer seasons. Experience a wide array of outdoor activities each season such as skiing, snowboarding, trekking and walking, mountain-biking, horseback riding, 4x4, archery or just enjoy a barbeque in the forest; the list just goes on…Adrenaline lovers, the Vermio Mountains are your paradise!

If only I could stop time

Imagine sitting at a table full of local goodies on a wooden balcony watching the sunset over Macedonia’s vast plain, drinking a glass of wine. Imagine sipping a hot cup of coffee in front of a fireplace in a luxurious chalet next to a ski resort. Naousa offers days full of relaxation, tranquility and fun, whether you choose to stay in the town or at the surrounding resorts. Enjoy wandering through the cobbled streets in the picturesque neighborhoods of the old town, where traditional buildings stand near magnificent, expansive parks. These are experiences that you do not get to enjoy every day!

Wine at its best!

Welcome to the land of Xinomavro, the noble Greek red variety! In Naousa, Xinomavro has found an ideal terroir: The cool Mediterranean climate, mountain slopes and unspoiled nature. Its wines are the highest awarded Greek reds, known for their aromatic and complex character and durability. Enjoy a glass of this famous wine like kings, emperors, merchants or travellers did for hundreds of years in every corner of the world. Browse the vineyards of great wineries and get to know the people behind the labels. Hide yourself between the oak barrels and, if you are lucky enough, you will have the chance to try some old, rare vintages of Xinomavro!

Feast like a king

Eating out is one of the great pleasures of life and one of the greatest joys of traveling. In Naousa you can enjoy fresh local dishes in traditional restaurants. Do you want to eat while enjoying spectacular views of the Macedonian plain or do you prefer visiting restaurants in traditional alleys, full of flowers? The choice is yours! Fresh trout, local game and other meat, delicious cheese (try «batsos») and marvellous pies. Whatever you like never forget a glass of our famous red wine! The desserts are simply the best! Full of syrup and sometimes nuts, they demonstrate why Northern Greece is the crossroads of oriental and western flavors. Hint: Don’t forget to try the local peaches and cherries!

A culture that goes way back

The ancient «Genitsari & Boules» custom, which is renacted every year during carnival season, is the most visual and dramatic expression of culture in Naousa. Folk art and history are proudly represented by wonderful handmade weaving, knitting and silverware - elements which all played a role in Naoussa’s flourishing industry - on the costumes of the warrier-dancers on the town’s streets during festival week. The town’s wine festivals are also noteworthy events, which connect wine production of the renowned “Xinomavro” variety with centuries of tradition.

The «Genitsari & Boules» carnival custom

The «Genitsari & Boules» custom is the central theme of the traditional carnival of Naousa, with roots that go way back to Naoussa’s heroic fights throughout its history. It is believed to date back to ancient Dionysian fertility celebrations and the welcoming of spring! Although it flourished at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the custom exists unaltered right up to the present day. The clothing, assembly, ceremony, route, musical repertoire, dances, barrel organs and the participants preserve the details perfectly through the centuries.