The west coast of Kassandra becomes the southwest coast of Kassandra as the peninsula takes a southeast bend about 2/3 of the way down its length. This village of about a thousand has a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

About 110 km from Thessaloniki,  Nea Skioni is a tight little village, with a pretty harbor shaped like a C-clamp. Many of the berths are taken by small pleasure craft, which is another way of saying that Nea Skioni is not primarily a fishing village.

The village takes its name from Skioni, which, during the pre-Christian era was a colony of one of the Greek city. The main beach, which is right next to the harbor and marina, is quite nice. There are both organized and unorganized sections- places where you can rent sun beds, and places where you have to bring your own stuff. There is a nice, sandy playground area, and several places near the water to order food and drinks. The water is very clear, and there are parts of the beach that have pebbles, as well as parts that are almost entirely sandy.

There is a lot of vegetation in the area. the beach , where it is not backed up by the village, has abundant trees and vegetation marching down thehillside to the sand's edge. The village is so small that if you want more privacy, a short walk down the strand will land you in a spot that is completely quiet and undisturbed, but also devoid of places to buy food and refreshments. So pack a cooler.

Nea Skioni is getting into the more sparsely populated southern end of Kassandra, and it's a great place for a quiet idyll.