Spetses is easily accessible by boat, directly from the port of Piraeus, with Flying Dolphins, boats or sea taxis from the opposite coast of Kosta. Spetses is the ideal summer holiday retreat, showcasing nature with its lush landscapes and crystal-blue seas, but it is equally captivating in spring and autumn. The island’s capital is the town of Spetses, with the port of Dapia; the district also includes the islets of Spetsopoula, Agios Ioannis, and Mikro Bourboulo. The town of Spetses is distinguished by a noble architecture, thoughtful town planning and a marvellous promenade near the old port. The island has become a favourite destination in recent years for personalities from Greece and abroad. No vehicles are allowed, enhancing further the unique atmosphere.


With its elegant style, cobblestone streets and magnificent manors, Spetses is a place you won’t soon forget. In the main town, visit the Museum of Spetses, the Museum of Bouboulina and the Anargyros Manor. These are buildings of great architectural and historical significance, dating from the peak of the island’s history and revolutionary times. Walk to the lighthouse; the view will enchant you. Rent a sea-taxi and visit Spetsopoula, the private island of the Niarchos family.

Those more romantically inclined might choose to see the old port by carriage. The Poseidonion Grand Hotel, a superb sample of French-style architecture reminiscent of the Côte d’Azure, is one of the top places to stay; at least drop by for a coffee, dinner or spa session. If you’re lucky enough to visit Greece and arrive in Spetses in June, you’ll be able to attend the Spetses Classic Yacht Race. And don’t forget the Armata Festival in September and the Spetses mini Marathon, which takes place each October.

Top beaches

All the beaches of Spetses are beautiful, especially those of the south-western part of the island, combining the ocean’s blue with the woodland’s green. Visit the ‘college’ beach of Kaiki, so called for its proximity to a school. Or perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate life at the uniquely beautiful beach of Vrellos. Many consider Zogeria, at the cove of the same name, to be the island’s best beach. Lush foliage, a peaceful environment and clean waters: the perfect getaway. Other popular beaches include Agia Marina, Agia Paraskevi and Agioi Anargyroi, with Xylokeriza and Ligoneri also attracting both locals and tourists. Near to the town of Spetses, you’ll find more beaches, including Kounoupitsa and Agios Mamas.