The second word in Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort may be a bit of a tongue-twister for native English speakers. It is simply Greek for “Holystone.” Be that as it may, this is an excellent new resort situated on the less-developed south coast of Crete.

That’s the coast where hippie-era Joni Mitchell in the 1960’s met a man on a Grecian isle who cooked good omelets and stew and ended up stealing her camera to sell, in what is now a counter-culture shrine, the caves of Matala, about an hour to the west of Ierapetra.

You could consider Numo Ierapetra as a having a faint echo of Matala in that it has is a luxury version of a predominance of dun-coloured décor, which very slightly reminds one of the dun-coloured caves of Matala, and comforts one as belonging to earth tone section of the palette. Earth tones are considered warm, reassuring, and settling colours.

Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort
Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort

However, in all other respects, Numo Ierapetra is to the caves of Matala as a luxury liner is to a row boat. But it more or less shares Matala’s splendid isolation: this is not one of those one-in-a-row-of- cheek-by-jowl resorts. You have the pebbly beach to yourself, and except for another resort about 400m to the east, there ain’t much in the way of tourist accommodation out here. You have just about the entire coastline as far as you can see in either direction. Put another way, you wouldn’t come here if you were young, un-attached, and looking to party. On the other hand, Ierapetra, Crete’s 4th most populous city, is a few minutes to the west if you want to cut loose a bit.

This adult-friendly resort has 132 well-appointed rooms, beautifully landscaped grounds, and all the comforts, including free Wi-Fi, flat screen satellite TV, coffee making facilities, in addition to the possibility of outdoor living areas and private splash pools.

Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort
Outdoor Cinema

It has 3 bars, 2 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, as well as an outdoor cinema, a little market, a boutique for beach stuff, a diving centre, a spa with Turkish Bath, a fitness centre, and a tennis court. So it’s pretty self-contained, and if you want to get away for some alone time either as a couple or by yourself, the olive orchards or the off-site beaches are a short stroll away.

Architecture is a sort of amalgam of whitewashed cubic Cycladic, with little Spanish elements here and there in graceful arches and raised, round roof corners. Landscaping is semi-tropical, with lots of native olives, and sturdy phoenix palms and hardy hot weather-resistant short grasses.

Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort
Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort

Guests loved the TLC on arrival, especially welcome drinks, the short, complimentary massage, the clean rooms, the helpful staff, the relatively easy access to the airport at Heraklion (an hour’s drive), the numerous menu choices, and the quality of the food. The resort tends to attract repeat visits.


Rooms, as previously implied, are decorated primarily in pleasant earth tones. Much of the sturdy wooden elements- slotted space dividers, floating shelves, coffee tables, free-standing closets, desks and the like- are stained dark brown. Many rooms have elegant, free-standing bath tubs, beds either near, or facing the exterior sliding glass doors, extra-large and rectangular marble sinks.

There are a lot of amenities on offer, such as free Wi-Fi, iron and board, espresso, coffee and tea maker, walk-in rain shower, hair dryer, flat screen satellite TV with movie and sports channels, writing desk, safe deposit box, slippers, bathrobes, beach towels, and sound-proof windows, amongst many others.

Aterre Retreat with Balcony

Atérre Retreat

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Atérre Retreat with Balcony can be found in the Atérre area of the resort, and has direct access to an exterior stairwell from its private balcony (it’s always nice to have more than one choice of exits from a hotel room) for those rooms on the upper level. For the rooms on the ground level there is a nice little patio amid the well-tended garden.

Atérre Retreat with Outdoor Living Area is on the ground floor of the Atérre area of the resort and features a comfortable furnished patio enclosed by a low wall and giving you a pleasant view of the grounds and stone-paved footpath.

Evergreen Retreat with Balcony

Evergreen Retreat

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Evergreen Retreat with Balcony has double beds and a nice view of the grounds from its furnished balcony on the upper floor room. This room is on the small side, but very cozy and perfect for 2.

Evergreen Retreat with Outdoor Living Area is the ground floor version of the Evergreen Retreat room. You can relax with a drink in the cool of the evening on the outdoor canapé, greet the passing guests, and enjoy the gradual fall of the summer night.

Evergreen Deluxe with Balcony

Evergreen Deluxe

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A welcoming space that puts you instantly at ease thanks to a calming palette of colors and harmonious subtle lines in the overall design. The soft, luxurious surfaces and textures invite you to walk barefoot, while this roomy, thoughtfully created retreat takes pampering to another level with its effortless architecture and fine attention to detail.

Evergreen Junior Suite with Balcony

Evergreen Junior Suites

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Evergreen Junior Suite with Balcony is step up in that it considerably larger than the regular rooms. Suite is divided into two areas, one of which serves as a living/sitting area, and the other as a sleeping area. The living area has a sofa bed that can house a third guest.

Evergreen Junior Suite with Outdoor Living Area is the ground floor version of the Evergreen suite with balcony. It has a very nice ground floor patio or deck which looks across the resort’s manicured, landscaped lawn towards he pool area. The patio is enclosed on either side with Cycladic style waist-high, round-cornered walls. Living area is compact and efficient, and perfect for up to 3 guests.

Evergreen Junior Suite with Individual Pool offers a patio shaded by a cane covering, allowing a bit of sun. It’s most attractive and unique feature is the large splash pool, allowing you to step out of the suite and plunge directly in the cool waters at a moment’s notice. Suite is divided into a sleeping and a sitting area, with the sofa in the sitting area converting into a bed.

Evergreen Absolute 2 Bedroom Suite with Individual Pool

Evergreen Absolute 2 Bedroom Suites

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Evergreen Absolute 2 Bedroom Suite with Balcony is a spacious and beautifully appointed accommodation which can comfortable house up to 4 guests. Balcony gives you access to an exterior stairwell, which can be a tremendous convenience both for immediate access to the resort’s grounds and in case there is any problem with the suite’s main entrance. Living space is divided into two areas, with a bed in one area, and a sofa bed in the other. 65m2 (700 sq. ft.) Sleeps 4.

Evergreen Absolute 2 Bedroom Suite with Outdoor Living Area and Individual Pool is a pleasantly appointed, spacious environment which can be enjoyed by two couple, 4 friends, or whatever you prefer. It has two separate living areas, with a sofa bed in the living area. 45-55m2 (485-590 sq. ft.) Sleeps 3.

Evergreen Absolute 2 Bedroom Suite with Individual Pool at 65m2 is the largest accommodation available at Numo Ierapetra resort. It boasts a large closet, with 2 bedrooms and a living room divided by sliding opaque panels. It has a separate WC and separate walk-in shower, as well as a bathtub. It’s best feature is the large outdoor area set amongst the native olive trees, and its private pool for your bathing pleasure. 65m2 (700 sq. ft.) Sleeps 4.

Food and Drink

Meno A La Carte Restaurant is an eclectic dining venue where you can enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean, of Peru, and of various Asian countries.

Menoa a la carte Restaurant
Meno A La Carte Restaurant

Featured is Nikkei cuisine, a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian dishes which made its first appearance when a Peruvian merchant ship arrived in Yokohama towards the end of the 19th century. An example of this is yucamochi, a combination of yucca from Peru used in making Japanese mocha, which is a glutinous rice cake.

Tamarisk all-day Restaurant
Tamarisk All-Day Restaurant

The Tamarisk All-Day Restaurant is named after the gnarled, salt-resistant evergreen called the tamarisk, which is often found growing on the landward margins of Mediterranean beaches. The restaurant, like the tree, can be found on the beach front, and specializes in Greek Mediterranean cuisine. It lays on a sumptuous daily breakfast buffet featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, a wide selection of savoury baked products, and fresh yogurt and honey.

The Coast by Tamarisk
The Coast By Tamarisk

The Coast By Tamarisk offers a fine dining experience at the seaside under the tamarisk trees. Advertised as a “restaurant within a restaurant,” it can be found at the water’s edge and offers a first-class menu. This reservation-only venue features a menu crafted by the resort’s executive chef, where you can satisfy your palate with a variety of Greek dishes, included freshly-caught seafood. The great food, the beautiful location, and the good company all make an for unforgettable dining experience.


The Modern lobby bar lives up to its name with its elegant décor, innovative furniture, soft lighting, and its earth-tone palette.

The Modern
The Modern

It’s the most convenient meeting point in the resort, and the most comfortable. Taste the bar’s sensational concoctions, cocktails, fine spirits, Cretan wines, and various beer selections, as well as a whole range of soft drinks as you people watch and wait for your date for the evening.

Mare Mare
Mare Mare

Mare-Mare features cocktails by the water, and is one of the most beautiful pool and beach bars you’ll ever enjoy. The bar offers Cretan-based cocktails infused with local herb combinations for an unforgettable drinking experience. Many nights a guest DJ will keep you entertained, as well as cocktail events on special evenings.


Kaffené coffee bar is, philosophically, a traditional Greek coffee house, and a wonderful place to indulge in Greek coffee supplemented by sweet and savoury mezé, finger food which always go with your beverage.

Spa and Wellness

The Etherea Spa encourages you to “find your inner glow” via a wide variety of spa treatments including a selection of massages and various beauty sessions at their state of the art facility.

Spa and Wellness
Etherea Spa

In addition, the Ensoma Fitness Zone is a unique outdoor gym that keeps your body in motion. You can opt for intense, interval-style training, or a more relaxed, leisurely-styled workout depending on your needs and preferences.

Spa and Wellness
Ensoma Fitness Zone

Whatever routine you choose, you get the benefit of oxygen-rich sea level air at this outdoor venue.


Activities on offer at Numo Ierapetra include the Mosaique Boutique, which offers an unparalleled beachwear shopping experience, including original Greek designs and accessories.

Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort
Underwater Gallery

The Underwater Gallery is a unique take on art galleries, providing an opportunity to appreciate works of art in an entirely different environment: underwater. Numo Ierapetra’s outdoor cinema carries on a Greek tradition of summer movies in the open air which is still a feature of summer life in cities and villages all over Greece. There’s nothing like enjoying a classic movie with the stars above, against the stunning backdrop of the spot lit olive trees, with the rise of the mountains beyond the silver screen.

In the Area

Other than the classic places to visit on the northern coast of the island, such as the ruins of Knossos, and the northern coastal cities of Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Malia, and others, which really are not that far away from the resort, there’s plenty to do on the south coast.

Numo Ierapetra Beach Resort
In the Area of Numo Ierapetra

Start with Ierapetra, just a few minutes’ drive to the west. This 5th largest city on the island has plenty to offer. The city is packed with great restaurants, and has a beautiful seaside promenade where you can stroll and catch the cooling breeze of a summer evening. Along the southern Ierapetra Isthmus are the ruins of Myrtos Pyrgos, a Minoan-era settlement dating from about 1900 BC. Ierapetra itself has a long and storied history, being the most prominent Dorian city in eastern Crete which was in constant conflict with Praisos, the last Minoan city on the island.

Ierapetra was destroyed by Arabian marauders in 824 AD, at which time it became a base for Mediterranean pirates. The fortress of Kales was built by the Venetians in the Middle Ages. The city has a tradition that Napoleon stayed there incognito in the now-named Napoleon House, after the Battle of the Pyramids in Egypt.

Further afield, there is the afore-mentioned Matala, with its hippie caves, about an hour to the west, which still hosts counter-culture figures. There are world-famous beaches at Elafonissi, with its pink sands, and the similarly pink and white sands of the Balos Lagoon. Just a few km north of Elafonissi is the magnificent Chrysokallitisa Monastery, built on a massive rock outcrop. About 170km west of Ierapetra is the unforgettable UNESCO biosphere reserve Samaria Gorge, the most popular in Crete.

These are just a few suggestions for the traveler to the southern and sunniest coast of Crete. The extra sun means that swimming season lasts longer than any coast in Greece, commonly up to and into the month of November.

Whatever your supplemental travel choices, a holiday at Numo Ierapetra Beach resort will make for an unforgettable experience both for its location, and its world-class facilities.

Ierapetra, Crete 722 00

(+30) 28340 55-003