The area is known for its particular microclimate and the Mediterranean landscape features. It is a wonderful holiday spot, full of light and colour. Here, you can live the nature at its best moments. Impressive coastline, small islands, gentle hills ... The mountain on the one hand and the vastness of the sea on the other, in a unique location surrounded by pine trees, our hotel is on a sprawling verdant garden of 24 acres. Olives, pine trees, palm trees, fruit trees and many endemic flowers create a special setting.


  • N. Marmaras 10km
  • Thessaloniki  Airport 120km
  • Port 14km
  • Beach 60m

At a privileged location next to one of the cleanest beaches of Halkidiki, you will enjoy guaranteed, crystal clear blue waters and a beach that you won’t want to leave.

And if one beach is not enough, next to us there is a lacy coastline and small islands, with beaches for every taste, some of them secluded and inaccessible and others organized and busy. All of them with clear blue waters in a beautiful and vibrant marine ecosystem. "The paradise of the divers".

Neos Marmaras, Sithonia

+30 23754 407-00