Paliouri (pop. 800) is only about 8km from the southern tip of Kassandra, and about 2.5km from the village beach at Chrousou. It sits at an elevation of 150 meters. It's citizens occupy themselves with bee keeping and honey production, tourism, olives and olive oil.

It's believed that Paliouri was the site of an ancient city called Theramvos, which the historian Herodotus mentions as being captured by the invading army of Xerxes in the latter 400's, BC. That there is no other written mention of Theramvos in ancient documents lends credence to the supposition that it was demolished by the Persians. Archeological evidence in Kassandra, and at the ancient harbor of Agios Nikolaos, 6km southeast of Paliouri, are considered proof of the city's existence. In addition, not far from Paliouri, on a local mountainside called Koutoni, pottery fragments and objects from a Roman-era household are evidence of the existence of a Roman settlement.

The modern name of "paliouri" comes from a thorny shrub once used as property fencing in the area.

Paliouri is surrounded by pine forests with many hiking trails. The village is a traditional Greek mountain village, with narrow streets and older houses.

Hotels in Paliouri

Chrousso Village Hotel

Chrousso Village hotel complex is built in perfect harmony with the environment and literally immersed in the green

Kappa Resort

Luxury villas and suites, built amphitheatrically by the sea and featuring panoramic views and outstanding facilities, including private pools and a gourmet restaurant

Chrousou Beach

Just a couple kilometers from Paliouri is the beautiful, parenthesis-shaped, kilometer-long beach at Chrousou. The shape of the cove, and the pines which come down to the edge of the sand,  help protect against prevailing winds, which can kick up later in the day.

There is some touristic development there, but not so much that it spoils the pristine environment. There are some very nice hotels, and a couple small resorts. A lot of people just come down from Paliouri village to swim.

The beach is absolutely beautiful, with crystalline waters and lovely sand, and a nice view of the Sithonia peninsula across the way. EOT, the Greek Tourism Organization, has a campground nearby. It attracts decent crowds during the summer. The beach is organized, with umbrellas and sun beds. There is at least one beach bar. As far as restaurants or tavernas, your best bet is back up the hill a couple kilometers at Paliouri.