Thassos has the largest percentage of return visitors of any Greek island. Only 12 km off the coast of northern Greece, Thassos is the most northerly Greek island. It is one of the greenest islands. It’s an easy island to get to, and is perfect for family vacations. It has great beaches, stone-built mountain villages, and lots of hiking paths. Very popular with Eastern Europeans who live close by.

Best hotels in Thassos

Alexandra Elegance Bridging Generations

Our ultra all-inclusive proposals are perfectly combined for activities and luxury without having you worry about the budget

Alexandra Beach Thassos Spa Resort

The Alexandra Beach is located near the village of Potos on the beautiful island of Thassos, It is an incredible place for family holidays on the sparkling emerald beach

Ilio Mare Hotel

It is a sea-side 5-star hotel with an excellent level of services; ideal for a family holiday, beloved for its romantic atmosphere and modern style, popular for its elegant luxury and unsurpassed beauty of the nature surrounding it